Parish Organizations

Holy Name Society

Holy Name Society is a call to men of the Parish to minister and serve the need of the church.

  • To support the mission of the church
  • To provide financial support to other organizations.
  • Work and manage the breakfast club.

Contact Peter Jones (314) 535-1973.

Knights and Ladies

The Auxiliary St. Matthew Court 150 is an organization filled with limitless opportunities for zealous Catholics to work for their parish.

  • To be a support to the local parishes and to the Bishop of the diocese
  • To participate collectively in various parish and community activities
  • To promote civic improvements and social justice
  • To encourage Lay Apostolic and Catholic action
  • To make contributions to worthwhile causes
  • To award scholarships and support education
  • To foster recreational assemblies and facilities
  • To develop youth in a positive, nurturing environment
  • To provide social and intellectual fellowship for its members as well as proper guidance and participation in the ever changing structure of our social and economic life, through this Catholic lay organization.

Contact Grand Knight, Isom Williams (314) 313-5949
Contact Grand Lady, Patricia Hughes (314) 839-5899

St. Ann Sodality

The St. Ann Sodality is for women of the parish to welcome and service the needs of our parish.

  • To support the mission of the church by managing the gift gathering works
  • To support the food pantry collections for the church.

Contact Joice Hollingsworth (314) 832-9196

St. Vincent de Paul Society

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society (SVDP) is a spiritually based organization to assist the needy of the community.

  • To bear witness to Christ and to his Church by showing that the faith of Christians inspires them to work for the good of humanity.
  • To bring together men and women of good will and to assist them by mutual example and true friendship in drawing nearer to the Divine Model by fulfilling His essential precept, namely the love of God in the person of others.
  • To establish personal contact between its members and those who suffer and to bring to the latter the most comfort possible.
  • To provide charitable aid
  • To provide its members the opportunity to grow spiritually.

Contact Ernestine Jackson (314) 289-6101 ext 1169.