Parish Ministries

Stewardship and Development

Stewardship and Development is a call to a lifestyle of gratitude and generosity that places our complete trust in God and sharing all our gifts, especially the one that means the most to us.

  • To participate in archdiocesan and parish fundraising campaigns.
  • To share individual gifts from God for parish needs
  • To be involved in parish-wide tithing for specific community and worldwide needs.
  • To engage with Stewardship and Development committee to fulfill the above functions or to explore new avenues of stewardship.and development
  • To coordinate eavents and fundraising activities within the parish.

Contact Patricia Hughes (314) 839-5899

Parish Event Application Form              Event Cost Summary Form

Youth and Young Adults

Youth and Young Adult Ministries are faith groups called to carry out a ministry to involve and engage with young people in our community.

  • To serve as young members of the Body of church by participation in the Liturgy
  • To plant seeds of faith that will build up the Kingdom of God
  • To serve the needs of our community though works of service.
  • To volunteer or share your gifts with our youth or to offer insights and suggestions.

Contact Pam Mason (314) 603-3997

Youth Ministry Registration Form