Liturgical Assignments

Schedule for Liturgical Ministers

ACOLYTES April 7 (1st Sunday)

April 14 (Palm Sunday)

April 19 (Good Friday)

April 20 (Holy Saturday) April 21 (Easter) April 28 (4th Sunday)
Acolytes Carl Summers, Jr.

Demitrius Taylor

Jusean Archibald

Jadon Trice

Hollye Ann Brinkley JadonTrice Hollye Ann Brinkley
Venus Spain

Pam Mason

Venus Spain

Louis Buck Pam Mason Louis Buck Pam Mason

Reading I

Reading II

Barbara Jackson

Jerry Hall

Teresa Scurlock

Denise Harper

Sr. Maggie Jackson

Myles McCabe

Lillian Summers (1)

Teresa Scurlock (2)

Jerry Nichols (3)

Sr. Maggie Jackson (4)

Barbara Jackson (5)

Marie Graham (6)

Sallie duMaine (7)

Cheryl Archibald (E)

Lillian Summers

Sheryl Williams

Sallie duMaine (Seq)

Anthony Holmes, Jr.

Carl Summers, Jr.




Marie Graham

Steve Hutchison

Peter Jones

Carol Beckel

Margaret Ann McCabe

Venus Spain



Host w/Celebrant Marilyn Dilworth Tom Simon   Sr. Regina Bartman Peter Jones Venus Spain
Cup Sr. Regina Bartman Naomi Hampton Denise Harper Margaret Ann McCabe

Naomi Hampton

Isom Williams

Patricia Hughes
Cup Peter Jones Sheryl Williams Peg Murphy Myles McCabe

Dorothy Egeston

Sr. Regina Bartman

Peg Murphy
Host: Choir & Pews Patricia Hughes Myles McCabe Venus Spain Cheryl Archibald Steve Hutchison Denise Harper
Cup: Choir & Pews Margaret Ann McCabe Isom Williams     Marilyn Dilworth Sheryl Williams
Cup: Choir Only Jerry Nichols Lillian Summers Marie Graham Kevin Blackshear Barbara Jackson Teresa Scurlock
Ministers of Hospitality

Theresa Bland

Brenda Busby

Art Chillers

Myles McCabe

Claire Hay

Robbi Sanders

Bernard Anthony

Claire Hay

Claire Hay

Robbie Sanders

Bernard Anthony

Rickie Kibbie

Offertory Gift Bearers Knights and Ladies of Peter Claver Holy Name Society St. Ann Solality Youth & YAMs   Young Adult Ministry
Offertory Counters

Pam Mason

Sr. Regina Bartman

Jerry Nichols

Denise Harper

Patricia Hughes

Melanie Wilson

Jerry Nichols

Bernard Anthony


Pat Hughes

Melanie Wilson


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